Black Desert Online Power description
PowerLeveling description:
How does it work, how fast is it ? Basically, I log into your account and start the leveling on the character you've chosen ( any class, no gear requirements ). It takes around 12 hours to do a 1-50 Powerleveling.
This will slightly vary depending on the class of your character, gear, how crowded the servers are and so on. 
25 million silver farming service description:
You will get 25 million silver
You will get some amount of character XP from killing mobs
Requirements: 50 lvl character
We will use VPN to protect your account.
Providing stream if necessary
Boost is done manually. No bots, programs, scripts etc. only manual hard work.
We will need the following info:
- XBOX email + password
- Make sure to include your Black Desert character's name aswell, just to avoid any confusions :)

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