Name: Biggswigg7 IP:162.158.75.*

Was very skeptical at first i was afraid I'd lose my money to some scam. Definitely "NOT" a scam i ordered my items and recieved them in less than 15 minutes. I am a very satisfied customer and will order more. Thumbs up for the great pricing and super fast delivery.

January 04,2019
Name: Theekeau IP:131.141.187.*

wow thank you so much you guys are great i will def let my friends know about your site thanks again you have a nice day.

November 30,2018
Name: Sought IP:241.56.105.*

Sure, once i get the deliver i will reccomend it. Thankyou!

October 29,2018
Name: Thoapey IP:133.66.152.*

Ohh, i love it. ;) I would highly recommend buying here, the prices are exelent and so is the service.

October 29,2018
Name: Seree IP:33.202.94.*

Was great. The lady wrote as though she was texting with a lot of shorthand, but she was very nice and stayed on with me until she was sure the order was going through and kept me informed. Overall I was very pleased :)

October 28,2018
Name: Sealot IP:97.115.116.*

I think you did a good job . I don't have anything to say bad about the website.

October 28,2018
Name: Whoaches IP:138.241.177.*

Sure, I would definitely recommend to friends if one asked. As well as I'm actually a Supervisor at a major international Tech. support Chat center. I think you guys do a fine job.

October 28,2018
Name: Cestython IP:2.170.50.*

The service was really good ,whenever i need answers you could give them to me.i would definetely recommend you to my friends

October 27,2018
Name: Phesough IP:221.43.209.*

service was great i had absolutely no complaints :)

October 27,2018
Name: Gethoughsl IP:55.138.167.*

The quickest, friendliest staff I have ever worked with! Made the transactions easy and comfortable! Definitely an A+++++, I love these guys!

October 27,2018

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